8 Additional Jobs You Can Do With Your Car

Your automobile makes it easier to travel about without depending on public transit. But it also provides another big advantage – the potential to generate some additional income. Even better, there are methods to utilise your automobile as a source of money with or without you behind the steering wheel.

Consider exploiting these options to enhance your revenue. The income you make may be utilised to fulfil financial objectives, whether it’s paying off debt, saving for a rainy day or taking that dream trip.

8 ways to generate money with your automobile

These eight side hustles might help you bring in some additional income, particularly if you reside in an urban location. Weigh probable downsides and dangers against your potential earnings before stepping in.

Use a ridesharing app

If you have a decent driving record, are at least 21 years old as well as some free time on your hands, freelancing for a rideshare app might be an excellent way to earn money.

Uber and Lyft are the most prevalent alternatives. Weekends, evenings and morning rush hour were the busiest periods and generally pay the most since “surge pricing” is prevalent.

However, like any option for generating money with your automobile, driving for a rideshare service may put a tremendous amount of wear and strain on your vehicle. You may also be forced to take out ridesharing insurance, which may involve a higher rate. And you may have more infrequent chances if you’re not in a big metropolitan region.

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Work with a meal delivery service

If you aren’t interested in working for strangers, being a food delivery service driver can be a better possibility. Like ridesharing applications, receive reminders to pick up and then give off food. Popular applications include DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub.

But although these may give more regular chances to go out and be paid — particularly if you opt to work nights and weekends – your income is far from assured. It may be smart to join up for different services and choose orders depending on distance and scheduling so you may optimise the amount you earn while reducing travel and waiting times.

Shop for groceries

Along the same line as meal delivery, you can shop and send groceries. Instacart and Shipt are both well-respected choices, while DoorDash also now provides grocery delivery.

You will get a shopping list via the app, purchase appropriately and then deliver the food to the house of the individual who requested. Delivery drivers may earn $10 to $25 an hour, depending on activity.

Wrap your automobile with advertisements

If you don’t mind your automobile becoming a moving billboard, join up with a car advertising firm to cover your car with advertising. You’ll be paid while you’re conducting your usual driving. The amount you make depends on your daily journey and the size of your automobile — which translates to the quantity of advertising space. Options include Carvertise, Nickelytics and Wrapify.

Help transport heavy goods

If you possess a pickup truck or SUV, you can put it to work by hauling heavy objects that don’t fit in other people’s automobiles. You can do this if you’re enrolled with a service like Uber, but a better alternative is a firm like TaskRabbit, which enables customers to hire you for particular chores. You’ll be compensated for your physical effort and the actual conveyance.

Rent your car out

If your automobile is gathering dust in the garage, renting it out might be a terrific way to get money back on a possession that isn’t being utilised. Services includes Turo, Getaround and HyreCar.

However, if you have a current vehicle loan, your lender might prohibit you to rent your car out. If you own your automobile entirely, you won’t encounter this hurdle. But you may need to pay extra for insurance.

And although there are firms that assist simplify renting your automobile out to others, there’s no assurance that a renter would handle your vehicle with respect.

Deliver for Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex drivers make deliveries for Amazon. Amazon promotes an hourly fee of between $18 and $25, however it might vary dependent on your tips, location and how long it takes to make each delivery.

You may organise your delivery windows around your schedule, which might be a nice alternative if you’re busy with another work.

And unlike some other businesses, Amazon does cover you under its commercial vehicle insurance coverage while you keep your own personal insurance. You may also qualify for savings on petrol, tires and other basic maintenance, which can help decrease the wear and tear of making deliveries.

Operate as a form of shuttle service

HopSkipDrive is a mode of transport for children. You may make up to $40 per hour plus incentives as a Care Driver and create your own work schedule. Even better, the mobile app provides you the flexibility to arrange trips up to seven days in advance. To qualify for the work as a Care Driver, you have to be at least 23 years old with five years of caring experience, a solid driving record and a four-door vehicle that is not more than ten years old.

Similarly, you may join up as a driver for elderly via organisations like ElderCare.com. You will need to offer your services and wait for someone to employ you, which might make it a less predictable source of revenue than other possibilities on our list. Still, it might be a low-stress method to utilise your automobile to generate additional money.

Consider the possible drawbacks first

Although driving your automobile to generate money might assist those who wish to establish their own schedules, it’s not always a perfect chance. Before you join up, consider some of the negatives.

  • More maintenance expenditures. No matter how you choose to operate your automobile, there will be extra upkeep. Frequent drivers will need to fund maintenance fees, which are sometimes not paid by the firm you choose to drive for.
  • Higher insurance premiums. Doing deliveries or transporting people around will likely mean you need more protection on your vehicle insurance. And even if you don’t, you could end up paying a higher premium since your vehicle is being driven more often – and that implies increased chance of an accident.
  • Increased hazards. The chance of an accident is also enhanced significantly when you drive during rush hour or at night. And inviting strangers inside your automobile might be harmful. But even beyond the major hazards, there are more routine difficulties like having to periodically clean and detail your automobile.
  • No guaranteed income. You may be able to count on tips and general revenue from your service, but your income is going to depend on the quantity of work there is to complete. In addition, the time it takes to accomplish a job may imply you are earning a lesser hourly salary.

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