How to Sell a Used Car in a Competitive Market

As many Americans are in need of a car owing to the improving market caused by the affects of the pandemic, supply chain challenges and the semiconductor shortage, it may be a wonderful time to sell your vehicle. That’s despite a small fall in used automobile pricing.

Selling your car puts you in control when it comes to obtaining a good bargain and with so many yearning for a new set of wheels now is an ideal moment. The average price for a used automobile was $28,061 in August 2022, based on Kelley Blue Book. That’s a decline of $158 compared to the preceding year, but still significantly greater than two years before.

Options for selling your automobile

The ideal decision for you will depend on the length of time you have available and your requirement for another car.

Sell privately

Selling your car privately generally implies a larger payment, direct negotiation and the option to skip any dealer charges. But a private sale does involve some more effort.

The greatest place to start is internet. Sites like Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds and AutoTrader may help you determine your market worth using search criteria that include make and model, distance travelled, condition and your location.

Other methods for selling privately include local advertising or Facebook Marketplace. But sticking to a trustworthy source helps sort out crooks.

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Trade in your automobile

If you desire another vehicle, a trade is an effective method to sell your present automobile and drive off with a new one. Your local dealership may generally accept a car trade-in. It’s a really straightforward operation.

Be careful to correct known technical faults (if feasible), tidy up your bike and negotiate the trade-in value individually to achieve a fair deal.

After paying off your existing car, you may take the leftover profit out of your new vehicle purchase. Rather of obtaining cash — as you would selling privately — you will instead drop the price tag on your new automobile. But new automobiles are selling at a premium, so it may not go as far as you would want.

Sell at a dealership

Like trading in your vehicle, selling through a dealership might be one of the simplest methods to get rid of your automobile. The dealership will handle much of the trouble of selling the automobile. But with that ease comes a smaller compensation than you could obtain if you sold the automobile on your own.

With the present automotive market, dealerships are more likely to be receptive to take the used vehicle off your hands. But be careful to shop your vehicle about and obtain a few bids before deciding to one so you know you are getting the best value.

Sell to a car-buying website

You might also utilise an auto-buying website, like AutoNation or Shift, to obtain a cash offer for your car. You’ll need to supply the make, model, color and mileage of your automobile, along with the vehicle identifier (VIN). The online questionnaire will also collect information about the history and condition of your car and whether you own it outright or are currently making payments. You may also need to provide photographs of the automobile before the site makes an offer.

If an offer is available, you’ll normally have anything from 24 hours to seven days and 500 miles to take it. Some vehicle-buying websites will pick up your car, while others need you to drop it off at a participating dealership.

While this is a quick alternative to get your automobile off your hands, be cautious that a service charge that cuts into your earnings may apply.

Paperwork required to sell your automobile

There are a few things you will need to arrange before selling your automobile. Early preparation will guarantee you aren’t hurrying to obtain the essential documents after finding a buyer.

  • Vehicle title Bill of sale
  • Loan details, if applicable
  • Repair and maintenance records
  • Tips for selling your automobile while the market is still hot
  • These recommendations might help you get the most out of the car you are selling before the market cools more.

Pay off your existing debt

Before going on to your next car purchase, ensuring your loan is entirely paid off. Selling a car that still has a lien on it is a tricky procedure. Paying off your debt can safeguard your credit and prevent any future difficulties.

Know your vehicle’s value

It is extremely vital to know your vehicle’s value before jumping into selling it. Research may assist guarantee you obtain the highest amount feasible from a private sale or at a dealership. Take advantage of Kelley Blue Book’s automobile value option and study what cars identical to yours have been selling for in your region.

If your automobile was carefully maintained and is in excellent form, you might set a higher asking price. This is especially the case if you just had a significant repair conducted, fitted new brakes or tires or the automobile is still under a extended, transferable warranty.

Get a pre-sale inspection

Potential purchasers may seek a pre-sale examination before agreeing to buy your automobile. It entails having their mechanic check the car. If you accept, make careful to meet up with the interested individual and their mechanic in a secure spot.

Or you may have your technician complete the examination and have the findings readily accessible for consumers to peruse while checking out your car. If you opt to obtain a pre-sale examination before putting your car available for sale, you’ll have the knowledge you need to determine a suitable price point depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Don’t forget curb appeal

Few want to acquire a car with too many scratches or dents or an unusually untidy interior. Consider if your automobile may require some aesthetic improvements, small repairs or cleaning before prospective buyers view it. Commit to investing a little extra money to clean up the automobile as best you can.

Step back and attempt to look at your vehicle through the perspective of a prospective buyer. Pay careful attention to goods and regions including seat upholstery, center console and windows. A secondhand automobile that smells fresh new may be more likely to sell.

Make advertising that pop

Once your automobile is detailed, acquire nice shots. This is particularly critical if you’re selling online. Cover every available aspect, inside and out. Part of purchasing a vehicle online is avoiding scammers, and a well-photographed automobile seems more authentic than an ad with one or two photographs.

Include details like the price, year, make, model and miles in the advertising. Other vital facts include any extra options, the vehicle’s trim, what type of gas economy the car receives and why you’re selling it.

Keep the sale safe

If you opt to sell your automobile privately, there are a few methods to protect yourself. Keep track of the documentation and be thorough about each step, including putting the exact mileage on the title before giving it over.

Payment should also be done securely – a cashier’s check or a big-name payment processing business are two of the simplest possibilities. Or you may employ a reliable escrow firm that will hold the borrower’s money until the transaction is complete.

Meet in a public spot and notify trustworthy friends and family your whereabouts. You may also want to bring someone with you for increased safety.

Close the agreement appropriately

When you’re ready to finish the sale, you’ll have various legal and administrative formalities to fulfil. After the sale, contact your insurance carrier to have it removed from the policy, but not until you’ve informed your department of motor vehicles of the transaction. Canceling your coverage early may result in your license being revoked for having an uninsured, registered car.

Reasons you may not want to sell your old automobile

It is tempting to try and obtain more for your car before prices drop more, but you may want to hold on if you don’t have another transport to fall back on.

New automobile costs averaged over $48,301 in August 2022, based on Kelley Blue Book. That’s a substantial price, even if you receive a fair sum for your present vehicle. Unless you can acquire a good interest rate, you may not walk away with extra money in your pocket.

Next steps

Decide how you want to sell your automobile and proceed from there. Trading in, selling through a dealership and selling individually all have their pros and cons. What’s ideal for you depends on how much money you have and what you are seeking to gain out of the transaction.

Regardless of your chosen technique, used vehicle costs are at a premium for now but may continue to decline as supply catches up with demand. Now may be the greatest moment to sell.

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