Stages to trade in your automobile in 5 easy stages

Most of the labour involved in selling an automobile is removed when you trade it in. However, the biggest benefit of trading in a car is that you can use the trade-in value of your old automobile to pay for a new one. This may be advantageous if you’re financing your new car.

You may maximise the value of a car trade-in by following these procedures.

Five steps to trading in your vehicle

You may maximise the value of your trade-in by doing your homework and learning the ropes of the trade-in procedure.

Determine the value of your automobile.

Knowing the actual value of your car is the first step towards trading it in. When it comes time to haggle, knowing this amount in advance can give you confidence and may improve your chances of receiving a reasonable deal.

Instead of waiting to hear what the dealer thinks, do some research to determine the worth of your present vehicle. You may estimate your car’s value using free internet resources like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book. Use estimate tools, if they are available, to get a better idea of how much money your automobile will be worth depending on factors other than its make, model, year, and miles.

External influences may also affect value. A vehicle that gets greater gas economy may be more in demand than an oversized truck if gas costs are high, as they are right now.

Examine your financial situation

Assessing the automobile is just one part of trading it in. To determine what you can afford on the opposite side of the exchange, you’ll also need to assess the health of your finances.

Consider if the trade-in value of the automobile you are trading in with a loan will be sufficient to pay off the remaining balance. You may accomplish this by getting in touch with your lender to learn the loan’s repayment amount and comparing that sum to the trade-in value of your automobile. To get trade-in quotations and a clear understanding of how much dealers will be prepared to provide, visit many dealers.

If a dealer offers to pay off your loan for you, keep in mind that you will probably add the payment sum to a new loan for your future car.

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Request quotes from several vendors.

To begin the trade-in procedure, you don’t need to visit the dealer. You may force merchants to provide you with a price alternatively. Numerous online value estimators, such Kelley Blue Book and TrueCar, are associated with dealers that will make offers based on the details you provide about your vehicle.

Starting where you purchased your automobile may also be a good idea.

“If the consumer is able to go to the exact same dealership from which he or she purchased the vehicle, he or she may be able to negotiate a price reduction since they have a connection and history with that dealership,” explains Meghan Davlin, director of communications as well as member engagement at the Illinois Fuel as well as Retail Association.

Clean up your vehicle

A cleaner car has a higher chance of selling. Spend a little additional time cleaning your car’s inside and exterior so that you can sell it for more money when you trade it in.

“Make sure your car is clean and you’re presenting it as you would want to receive it when you were buying it,” advises Alain Nana-Sinkam, senior vice president for business development at TrueCar. Additionally, “make sure to get them done if there were minor issues you had planned to address before the trade so the car is delivered to the dealer as you originally stated and as they are expecting it.”

A well-kept automobile will fetch a significantly higher price. Simply don’t spend more to repair the car than you want to get for it when you sell it.

Keep any service records close at hand.

Additionally, this is a good opportunity to see whether your car has any recall notices. There may be a safety concern if there are any faulty parts that caused the recall. The majority of recalls result in the free repair or replacement of a vehicle component.

Schedule a meeting with a dealer.

Car lots may be crowded locations. Schedule a meeting in advance to save time. The dealer will inspect your automobile to ensure that the data you provided online is accurate.

“Ask if you can be present with the appraiser so that we can ask them questions on how they are calculating the value of your vehicle,” advises Joe McCloskey, president of McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs. The majority of dealerships will provide you this information, and knowing it can help you better understand why and how the dealer is estimating the worth of your car.

Bring the title, the registration, and all sets of keys for the car. Have the contact information for the lender handy if you’re trading in a vehicle that still has a loan and don’t have the title.

Also keep in mind that you are not required to accept the dealer’s suggested first trade-in figure. The trade-in value of your automobile is negotiable. Dealers often start out by giving the best deal they can. Inform the vendor that the price appears too low in light of the value you’ve discovered via your study or offers from other dealers.

Get the greatest trade-in value possible by negotiating the trade-in price separately than the purchase price of your new vehicle.

When to Sell Your Car

The equity in your automobile is the key to determining if it is a smart idea to trade it in. The equity in your automobile is the sum of the remaining balance on the loan and the market value of the car.

When you have negative equity, also known as being upside down on your loan, it is recommended to avoid trading in your car. This indicates that your loan balance exceeds the value of your automobile. You will still be required to pay the remaining loan sum after trading in your automobile, making this a difficult scenario to be in.

Wait if you can, and keep paying until you are no longer in the red. Consider purchasing a less costly automobile if you must trade in your vehicle with negative equity to assist you limit your losses.

On the other hand, having positive equity is a fantastic situation to be in because it enables you to apply the increased worth of your car towards the cost of the new one.

benefits and drawbacks of trading in a car
Make sure you comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of selling the car yourself before trading it in.

benefits of selling your automobile

The main benefit of trading in your automobile is that you may save the stress and inconvenience of selling it yourself. Setting the proper price, advertising the automobile where it will be seen, and engaging with potential purchasers are all necessary when selling a car. However, the dealer performs a lot of the work for you when you trade it in.

According to Nana-Sinkam, “there is also a tax benefit to purchasing and trading in at a dealership in most states because in those states, companies only charge tax on the distinction between the trade-in value and the purchase price of a new vehicle instead of paying full tax on the full cost of the purchase of a new vehicle.”

The process of selling your old automobile and getting a new one might be made simpler by trading it in. You may drive your old automobile to the dealership and utilise the trade-in value as equity towards your new car instead of making repeated stops.

Cons of selling your automobile

However, there is one significant drawback to trading in your car: You probably won’t earn as much money as you would if you personally sold the vehicle. You’ll lose that additional sum of money since the auto dealership wants to earn money by reselling your used car to another motorist.

Your alternatives for your future automobile purchase may be limited if you trade in your current vehicle. You may choose to buy your next automobile from a dealer who will buy your old one if you intend to utilise the value of the old one as the down payment on a new one.

Next actions

It might be simpler to get into a new automobile by trading in your old one rather than selling it yourself. Start by investigating the worth of your automobile using free online car estimators if you want to maximise your earnings.

Make cost-effective minor repairs and get your automobile thoroughly cleaned inside and out before taking it to the dealer. Additionally, it’s a smart idea to compare offers from several dealers and keep in mind that you might haggle over the trade-in price.

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