10 Essential Accessories for Truck Drivers

Truck driver accessories are vital for making the truck cab seem like your own and keeping your trip as safe and pleasurable as possible. Having the correct truck driver supplies and accessories may also improve your overall comfort level while driving, so bring your favorite semi-truck driver accessories with you! We compiled a list of some for our favorite big rig truck accessories, ranging from bigger semi truck interior tech equipment like TVs to minor must-have truck accessories like an electric blanket.

Truck Driver Accessories for Professionals
Before you begin your employment, it is critical that you first take care of yourself. If you have the following must-have truck driver items with you, you will be better prepared, comfortable, & attentive on the road. Here are a few essentials for truck drivers on the road:


Protect your eyes from harmful glare and UV radiation. Choose sunglasses with polarized lenses to avoid tiredness, eye strain, and headaches when driving. We suggest purchasing a spare pair just in case!

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Gloves for leatherwork:

You will be grasping the steering wheel for the whole of the workday, so make your hands comfy. We recommend purchasing a pair of leather ones for their longevity and comfort. Leather will keep your hands clean and cut-free.

Bag for toiletries:

In keeping with the leather concept, a leather toiletry bag keeps your personal stuff secure and prevent them from fumbling about in the taxi. Fill it with all of your basics as well as some first-aid supplies!
Bedding and Mattress
Convert your taxi into a comfy den. Taking a break and resting with your mattress and linens can greatly improve your sleeping environment.

Semi-Truck Television

We get what you’re thinking: a TV for my semi-truck? When driving, safety is always your first priority, but when you’re not driving your big rig, we suggest getting some tube time in.

Semi-Truck Television:

It’s crucial to divert yourself and look at anything other than the road while it’s safe to do so. Invest in your new go-to big rig truck accessories, such as a semi-truck television; you earned it! Get out of your brain and lose yourself in your favorite television or movie. If you want more entertainment alternatives, you may even invest on an over-the-air streaming media antenna and even a video game system.

Semi-Truck Driver Accessories

The following truck driver accessories are also “self-care or comfort” goods and, dare we say, truck driver must-haves. We’d like to refer to them as OTR trucker supplies since they’re critical in giving truck drivers the the comfort they need on lengthy travels. Keeping these equipment in the vehicle will be quite useful on the road.

Blanket with an electric current:

Another must-have large rig truck item is an electric blanket. On the road, nights may be cold and lonely. Warm up and get comfortable by the fire with an electric blanket.
Seat Cushion: Finding the right seat cushion for you can not only make sitting happier, but it may even save your back!
Semi-Truck Interior Accessories
The semi-truck interior accessories listed below can assist you in staying safe and prepared on the road.

Cell Phone Mount for Windshield:

If you use your phone as a navigation device, a windshield mobile phone mount will allow you to make hands-free calls and read instructions more readily. Getting one that can be securely attached to the windshield is thought to be the most handy and dependable to use while driving. Keeping your phone in view will keep you secure and focused on the road.

USB Outlet Charger 12 Volt:

With a convenient USB port, you can keep all of your truck driver electronics charged for the duration of your journey. 12 Volt chargers generally have a fuse, allowing you to charge without fear of blowing a fuse in the semi-truck.

Semi-Trailer Gauges:

When you’re on the road for many hours at a time, you depend on your gauges to ensure your large rig is in good working order. With appropriate semi-truck gauges, you can monitor fuel efficiency, battery voltage, coolant temperature, and more.
Appliances for Semi-Trucks
Semi-truck appliances are often overlooked during lengthy hauls. These food-related equipment can help you stay healthy by making your meals more accessible and easy. The days of nightly gas station feasts are long gone!

Slow Cooker, Small:

On the road, it might be difficult to have a nutritious and substantial dinner. With a compact slow cooker, you can cook while driving and have a nutritious supper waiting for you when it’s time to stop.

Mini Refrigerator:

A lengthy travel may be made more delightful by keeping ice-cold drinking water and other favorite beverages secure and available to consume at all times. You can also store nutritious items and perishable snacks like fruits, veggies, and yogurt in it alongside your slow cooker leftovers!
When you combine our truck driving instructions with these must-have truck driver gear, you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time!

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