Selling a motor vehicle with a lien

Lenders attach liens to your car when you take out loans to buy vehicles; these liens last until the loan is fully repaid. If you don’t make your scheduled loan payments, the lien provides the lender a legal claim on the vehicle. The title is held by the lender until your debt is fully repaid. … Read more

There are six techniques to increase the trade-in value of your automobile.

In recent years, the vehicle industry has been challenging to manage because to inventory shortages and soaring pricing. But the average cost of new cars decreased marginally in September for the first time in the previous five months. The price of used cars has also steadied, according to Kelley Blue Book. Don’t rush to the … Read more

How to trade in an unpaid-off vehicle

There are still possibilities for trading in your automobile if the time has come to purchase a new vehicle but you haven’t finished paying off your loan. The procedure will need some forward planning and vary based on your equity status. If you have positive equity, your automobile is worth more than the remaining balance … Read more